I KNOW: A command for manifesting/creating reality


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What do you KNOW?

How we are commanding our reality, and how to manifest it consciously.

By Laura “L'Maxi” Wheeler, nithsdale AT earthlink.net, © February 2007
published by
www.paradisenow.net with permission

Recently Ulla emailed me about something I had posted to another group a year ago. And it was a very synchronistic event, as I had let this tool lapse for a while, and my innerSelf was bringing it back into prominence again.  Here is what I originally posted:

Subject: A command for manifesting/creating
Hello everyone:

I am going to jump right in feet first about what I've recently learned.

A while ago, I was driving along to my mother's (about an hour from my home) when my innerSelf came in clear as a bell. The upshot was the statement "I KNOW" is a power command statement for manifesting/creating in our world. Every time I use the statement "I KNOW" I am command my world.

When the total realization of this hit me, the expansion of energy almost shot me off the road. Whew!

Amusing enough, my innerSelf has been trying to get through this to me for some time now. Synchronicity has been bringing me the same information over and over again, and I guess I just wasn't getting it.

We all live "knowing" our world and therefore receiving what we "know" in our reality. Many others use the term "believing" in the same way.
But, remember KNOW is a command word. We all "know" things ... we all use the phrase "I know that" in response to statements heard ... we all have "knowings" ... we all learned certain things in school/church/life that we "know" are true. Well, folks, all these things "you know" can be changed or reinforced by using the command phrase "I KNOW". All the things in your life are stuff that you accept that "you know". All those things you would prefer not to experience, "you know" they are there, so you experience them. You know what I mean ;-) , death & taxes, survival of the fittest, it's a dog eat dog world (this one started me laughing because I swallowed this wholesale), the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. My God :-D , everyone KNOWS these are true. And I (silly me) KNEW that!

How automatically we use the phrase "I know that". Think of all the times you've used that phrase. Well, maybe you were commanding the quantum field/universe/source when you said it. What a hoot!!!! :-D Someone says Bush is an idiot, and you go ahead and say "I know that." What you get is Bush as an idiot! How about: "I know I'll never get this done in time." Talk about a self-fulfilling prophesy!!!! How about: "I know my mother-in-law hates me." "I know my husband is unfaithful." It goes on and on.

Did I say that it doesn't have to spoken out loud. How many times have you thought it? Or written it? This is us using the power of the universe.

I've been playing with this for a while now, and it is absolutely amazing what is happening in my life and the change in the energy field around myself that I can now feel all the time. Even if you can't imagine how this could possibly impact you in any way, try playing with it and see what happens. Notice when you use the phrase. What have you got to lose?

I KNOW you all will enjoy this - ;-)

Blessings all,


Now, the very interesting thing about this was that I now realize why I stopped using this tool. I had not used it enough for it to become an automatic program ... like riding a bike, I did not master it before I went on so forgot to use it.

Recently, when listening to a seminar I was struck by a comment made by the lecturer ... that if someone tells you something, no matter how outlandish, 27 times on a consistent basis then there is a 300% possibility that you will start to believe that statement. WOH!, I thought.  Okay, if one begins to believe something after hearing/seeing/experiencing it 27 times, how long does it take to become an entrenched belief/habit. And my innerSelf chimed ... “whatever you KNOW to be the correct number.” I had to laugh. ;-)

I had never set a “knowing” about what constitues setting in place a behavior that I want to put in place.  I went with whatever default programing that was already in place. So NOW, I have consciously chosen to KNOW that it takes using it consistently for 45 times for it to become a behavorial habit ... after I have used it 45 times (either outloud or in my thoughts) it will become an automatic program in my energy body/field/apparatus (whatever designation you would like to give your body/mind).

Another thought just came to me ... re affirmations, and how they sometimes work and sometimes don't. We are taught to say “I AM” -- how about if we use “I KNOW I AM”? And how about if we ask ourselves what is the best number to KNOW it is an entrenched belief in “my energy system”?

And the great thing about all of this, as you program yourself to KNOW something, then there it is ... YOU KNOW IT ... YOU BELIEVE IT ... just like you know about gravity ... like you are beginning to KNOW about the quantum field and quantum physics ... like you know about anything in your life.

Literally, our lives are made up of EVERYTHING we KNOW ... if you did not know it it would not be there for you to experience in the particular way you experience it. Think about it. If you did not know about airplanes, would you “see” those in the sky and if you did, what would you think they were. There were tribes in Borneo that had a belief that those airplanes were gods and when they crashed it was “sacred gifts from the gods” – it was called the Cargo Cult by anthropologists. Like the natives and Columbus' ships ... what would your frame of reference be?

So, check out all the things YOU KNOW about your world and if you don't like what you KNOW, then KNOW something else.

I KNOW, I can hear you moan “now I have to watch every time I say I know” ... Well, you can use I KNOW to set programs in place that will make your “knowing” that much easier. Like, “I know that I can easily erase thoughts or things I have said which I prefer to let go of by using the word ERASE.”  Now, say/write/think this affirmation in place with the number of integration that you KNOW works for you. ENJOY!

So, some of the things I KNOW:

I KNOW I create my own reality.
I KNOW that Ho'oponopono and EFT are fantastic ways of clearing out
   old beliefs, memories and stories that no longer serve me.
I KNOW that our world is in the process of awakening to the peace
I KNOW that love is the energy of creation.
I KNOW I am abundant.
I KNOW I am a magnificently talented artist.
I KNOW I am loved.
I KNOW I am a successful and fabulous feng shui consultant.

I could go on and on, and I have in my e-journal using the 45 times that I set in place. I KNOW that this is setting my deliberate manifesting in the fast track.

I KNOW you will have fun with this! -- times 45. (And, oh, BTW, you can change  your specific number anytime you want or feel comfortable doing so, by again using the I KNOW command. -- Ain't this a hoot?!!!)


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