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Creating Your Own Reality
Indexes “The Early Sessions”
Healing Your Life
Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine” Unveiled
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Complete Indexes for The Early Sessions book 1 to 9 with page references

Greg Polson has “created these indexes [at ] to facilitate study of the material presented in the books. They are presented in page order and in alphabetical order, or you can simply search the page for the word you are looking for.”

Creating your own reality

An interesting and in my view very astute observation regarding one of the best-known tenets of Seth and others "Your thoughts create your reality" comes from Bob Scheinfeld, founder of The Invisible Path to Success. Bob’s basic insight after many years of teaching self-help skills with various well-known leaders in the field is, "There are no limitations to the results you can produce ... – except those imposed by the specifics of the life purpose you came here to fulfill." More info at Big Caveat: he seems to be quite a businessman ;-) as some who offer things in the self-help and personal development field appear to be. Whatever these business people offer seems to always be guaranteed to solve all your problems near-instantaneously and sometimes effortlessly too, or so they say...
Now for some less commercially-driven or even charitable/humanitarian sites...

Cynthia Sue Larson’s highly recommended work on a most fascinating and rewarding subject - “practical” reality shifting (quantum physics/multidimensionality/probabilities). Cynthia also hosts a lively reality shift discussion group at You can subscribe to her RealityShifters News [highly recommended] and see all previous issues at Also see her fascinating articles Divine Light & Love Healing Energy Meditation and My Grandmother’s Liver Cancer Healed Through Prayer Alone.

Using tarot cards  for “highest good of all” guidance

On my use of tarot card spreads to help me with decisions in challenging situations and making the most beneficial choices.

Healing Your Life

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

I rank this DIY self-help technique among the best healing tools ever discovered by mankind.
More on EFT

Clearing Negative Energy and Entities, Cancer and Physical and Emotional Imbalances

Len Walker’s website. Len is a full-time healer who concentrates mainly on the above. He is also the author of A simple but powerful self-healing technique involving visualization, intention and - saliva and Two simple but powerful meditations/visualizations for clearing your energy field of unhelpful energy and balancing and revitalizing your aura.



Help your thoughts stay positive by running an amazing free affirmations display program and displaying over 850 positive and loving affirmations on your screen. You can also run your very own affirmations. Also compare Using Affirmations & (Subliminal) Messaging Programs for Support in Personal Goal Achievement for tips on optimising affirmations. Orin (as channelled by Sanaya Roman) says: “The mind has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. When 1,000 to 2,000 of these daily thoughts are directed to a goal, it will come rapidly.”


"The Secret Doctrine" Unveiled: an "elephant" in a nutshell

Are you interested in what “the mother of Western spirituality”, H. P. Blavatsky, has to say on man’s spiritual evolution, universe, karma,  reincarnation and many other basic concepts, but so far have been deterred by her writings’ volume and complexity? Here is the book that condenses the essence of The Secret Doctrine and whose writing took seven years to accomplish.

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Healing Cancer
The best I've seen on this subject ever’
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