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For you who already know or are curious about the amazing teachings of Seth (channelled by Jane Roberts), here are many pages of carefully handtyped (by me) excerpts from his books for online reading or download in zip (compressed) format.
(the text has been repeatedly checked for typos and is, as far as I can humanly tell, fully identical with the original).

Download all Seth books excerpts in zip format

Read online excerpts from The Nature of Personal Reality (p.1) (p. 2)

Excerpts: The Seth Material, Dreams & Projection of Consciousness & other books

Read about Seth books which are currently available and order them from here

Alphabetical list of keywords found in The Early Sessions book 1 to 9

Links to more Seth quotes & other recommended sites & authors

An example of desire fulfillment provided instantly

A few remarks on the value of channelling

Miscellaneous Seth quotes and excerpts

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Ego vs Higher Guidance

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