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Welcome to Seth!

Hi and welcome! My name is Ulla and I have created this site to express my great love and gratefulness for the teachings of Seth, the world-famous entity channelled by Jane Roberts, and to share some of them with you.

Whether you are an “unconditional” Seth fan like me or just curious about the amazing teachings of Seth, here are many pages of carefully handtyped and other excerpts from his books for download, complemented by articles focusing on the theme of conscious reality creation and related subjects.

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Example of desire fulfillment provided instantly

What do you KNOW ? How we are commanding
our reality, & how to manifest it consciously.

A few remarks on the value of channellings

Using tarot cards  for “highest good of all”
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Ego vs Higher Guidance

Some personal notes

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A few remarks on the value and reliability of channelled information

I have read comments on this phenomenon saying that channellings convey a mixture of truth and non-truth or that the entities coming through are looking for attention. I feel that the former might often be accurate. In fact, Dr. David R. Hawkins convincingly contends in Power vs Force that there is no area of human endeavour where there is more (often unconscious) deception or untruth than in the area of channelling (also see my review of Dr. David R. Hawkins’ stunning book).

On the other hand, I don’t think that all channelled entities are attention-seekers - just think of those who don't even provide names such as “The Group” channelled by Steve Rother. Also judging from my own and others’ experience, [at the very least] some people seem to genuinely want to help and assist others, and drawing attention to themselves may be a side effect but not the original intent and driving motivation.

And I definitely think there is value and help to be gleaned from certain channellings. I continue to love Seth and Orin (channelled by Sanaya Roman), the first for opening my mind in a believable (intellectual) manner to the unlimited mind-boggling possibilities which may be our inheritance, the second for lovingly showing how to turn every problem under the sun into something constructive and thereby actually positive. I also love Edgar Cayce of whom you will find a few quotes in Helping Others & Yourself together with many thought-provoking quotes by Orin on the subject of how to help people in a manner which is empowering and assisting them in a higher sense. I currently consider Edgar Cayce’s teachings perhaps the most encompassing and enlightening love & purpose-of-life teachings ever given to humanity.

One yardstick on how to measure the truthfulness and/or value of channellings may be “love” or a positive answer to the question: does this information make me a more loving and knowing person? My answer is a resounding Yes for both Orin and Seth and of course, Edgar Cayce. In fact, the main lesson received during many NDEs (near-death experiences) seems (according to NDE researcher Raymond Moody) to be exactly that: love and seeking knowledge are the two most (or only) important things in life.

The below text meant to help you discern intuition as to its source may also work as a yardstick to gauge channelled texts.

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Ego vs Higher Guidance

(Author Unknown)

 The more aware we become, the more intuition develops for us. The more we can access our intuition, the faster we grow and change. The key is to understand the language of intuition. How can you tell if the 'inner voice' is Spirit's, other beings, other people's projections or your own judgmental thoughts? The tips below will help you discriminate and discern the TRUTH.

Read the list over often and get a strong sense of how to discern higher guidance. Expand your inventory of how you sense the higher or lower information that comes into your physical and non-physical senses.

Lower Levels of Information ----------------- Higher Levels of Intuition
(Ego) ------------------------------------------ (Higher Self)

 demand obedience or surrender - suggest, advise, you make your own decisions
conflict with one's personal ethics ------- no conflict with personal ethics
create fear, negativity --------------- create love, inspiration, empowerment
are generalities, long winded ----- are relevant, short, intelligent, unique
are conditional ------------------- are unconditional, appropriate, natural
appeal to curiosity, ego ----------------- appeal to goodwill, beauty, unity
from confusing, competing voices ---------- from still, single knowing voice
affirm ultimate authority for itself ----- counsel surrender to higher power
require no personal effort --------------------------- need personal effort
guidance from subconscious -------------------------- guidance from the Soul
emotional desires, glamour ----------------------- higher spiritual guidance
benefit the receiver ------------------------- benefit the good of the whole
fixed interpretations ------------------------ many levels of interpretation
create dependencies --------------------------------- create interdependence
promote separation ----------------------- reflect oneness, wholeness, unity
are self conscious ------------------------------------- are other conscious
affirm mediocrity ------------------------------ promote making a difference
reflect a part of the whole ------------------------------ reflect the whole
are emotional, mental ---------------------------------------- are intuitive
focus on things -------------------------------- focus on essence and values
result in loss of self ---------------------------- result in self discovery
focus on desires, wants -------------------------------- focus on soul needs
address individual --------------------------------------- address community
deal with form ----------------------------------- deal with symbols, truths
concerned with self will ------------------------------- reflect divine will
create victims -------------------------------------- require accountability
are sporadic ----------------------------------------------- are disciplined
create stress ----------------------------------------- create peace of mind
are personal ------------------------------------------------ are impersonal
are restrictive ---------------------------------------------- are expansive
are particular ----------------------------------------------- are universal
are controlling ----------------------------------------------- are allowing
focus on self -------------------------------------- focus on others or Soul
focus on destination -------------------------------------- focus on process
are exclusive ------------------------------------------------ are inclusive
are judging -------------------------------------------------- are accepting
are scattered -------------------------------------------------- are focused
are limited -------------------------------------------------- are unlimited
focus on material --------------------------------------- focus on spiritual
are reactive ------------------------------------------------- are proactive
are concrete -------------------------------------------------- are abstract
focus on past, future ----------------------------------------- focus on NOW
deal with personality ----------------------------------------- concern SOUL
produce inertia -------------------------------------------- generate growth
stuff in ---------------------------------------------------------- draw out
focus on quantity ----------------------------------------- focus on quality
are selfish ------------------------------------------------- are altruistic
are superficial --------------------------------------------------- are deep
create resistance ---------------------------------------------- create flow
focus on lack ------------------------------------------- focus on abundance
are static ----------------------------------------------------- are dynamic
focus on ME ---------------------------------------------- focus on humanity
create illusion ----------------------------------------------- reveal truth
focus on work --------------------------------------------- focus on service
focus on mine ---------------------------------------------- focus on Spirit
use force -------------------------------------------------------- use power
focus on effect --------------------------------------------- focus on cause
take ------------------------------------------------------------------ give
produce fear ----------------------------------------------- experience love
emphasize doing -------------------------------------------- emphasize being

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A Few Personal Notes

Seth “upgraded” my world-view tremendously, especially his book “The Nature Of Personal Reality”, in fact he turned my “doom-and-gloom” worldview around by 180° (I used to believe in upcoming eco disasters, with only some including myself caring and doing something about it, and similar things). He convinced me that I create and co-create what I perceive, and not the other way round. Beforehand I had been working on the assumption that I had no “co-creative” part in the reality I perceived.

Seth’s “take” on reality, convincingly presented and even gradually confirmed by quantum physicists (itself predicted by Seth when he said [paraphrased], “your physicists will be the first ones to catch on to the true [multidimensional] nature of reality”), was and is tremendously liberating and empowering in my view. Seth’s (and others’) teachings on “karma” (though he was loath to use the term) and learning through first-hand experience to put “the positive desire for love and creativity over destruction and hatred” makes the widespread existence of suffering on this planet so much more bearable, including one’s personal suffering.

I continue to be a social, ecological and animal activist nevertheless, since I best like the balanced advice given in “Conversations With God” (paraphrased):
“Make your voice heard on issues that matter but realize at the same time that you are (co-)creating the reality you are perceiving”. For further personal insights into the subject, compare my extensive article on “helping”:
Is giving money and/or other help always for the highest good of all concerned? My own experiences & reading, particularly regarding the question of how to best handle beggars in the street.
(Also see for extensive activist links.)

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An example of desire fulfillment provided instantly

by Laura, published by with permission

I got a phone call one day from a teacher of my youngest child asking me to meet her at her house in fifteen minutes, I was feeling rushed, so said yes and I might be a little late and then hung up. Immediately I realized that I had never been to her house before, had no idea what it looked like nor where it might be and had no street name nor house number by which to look for it. Still, I had told her I would meet her in fifteen minutes. So I got in the car, and said within myself, "I know the way to Mary's house, since I am the only Mind there is." Then I started down my driveway determined to listen within as to which way to turn and where. I made all the turns that I thought I was getting in my head, and I drove up to a strange house just as Mary was pulling in the drive behind me. How's that for instant gratification?

Laura adds: ”I am a happy person. Staying happy makes life so entirely valuable each moment, so it is an easy choice to make. And knowing that all my desires are provided instantly even before I am aware that I might like to experience whatever the idea is that arises in my awareness, makes life easy.”

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